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Cup Match Collection

The Cup Match


There’s nothing more unique to Bermuda than Cup Match and the Isabella Artuso Cup Match collection is an equally unique selection of handcrafted, locally-made ‘head crowns” that are designed to help you show off your team pride!

Made with a selection of summertime fabrics like linen and cotton, in a combination of “Somerset” red and blue colours and “St.George’s” dark and light blue colours, the Cup Match collection is the most stylish way to make a statement.

So pick a side (or don’t), whether you’re gonna rock your ‘Bella Band’ to let people know who you root for or just to be the chic and extraordinary woman you are, this crown is made for you!

The Bella


The ‘Bella Woman is all about having fun with fashion and making a statement without saying a word. Accessories are the touches that allow her to express her uniqueness and confidence and she’s not afraid to be bold with colour or stand out from the crowd. Whether she’s wearing a t-shirt and jeans or the sexiest dress in her closet, you will always recognize a Bella woman because she is radiant, joyful and stands tall, ‘crowned’ with her Bella Band.



An advocate for local shopping and a style inspiration to many through her Instagram, @thenabapp, Danielle Paynter has put her talents to designing and hand-making a capsule collection of maximalist ‘head crowns’ that inspire women to let their inner queen shine through.

Working with her mother, Patricia Paynter and including her 6 year old daughter, Isabella, (the brand’s namesake), who is always ready to give her opinion on styles and colours, Danielle is working to turn her fantasies into legacies that benefit further generations to come.

A Bermudian who has been celebrating Cup Match and all the fabulous occasions to dress up and show off personal style in her gorgeous homeland, Danielle has always gravitated towards accessories and believed “the bolder the better.” Inspired by some of her favourite designers and local Bermudian women who prefer unique items that will have them stand out from others’, Danielle has embarked on a journey to create a line of maximalist accessories for the chic and extraordinary. Starting with one of her favourite accessories, the headband, also referred to as “The Bella Band” and reimagining how Bermudian culture can be infused into fashion, this first collection from Danielle is an exciting start to what she expect to be a very fabulous and stylish journey. With plans to expand into additional items such as jewelry, handbags and belts, Danielle is looking to contribute to the local fashion landscape through her hand-crafted creations and create a legacy for her daughter, Isabella, whom the brand is named after.

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